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DIXDEC (Digital Equipment Corporation), Intel, Xerox
DIXDigital, Intel and Xerox
DIXDigital Identity Exchange
DIXDanish Internet Exchange Point (Lyngby, Denmark)
DIXDeaf Information Exchange
DIXDivergence Measurement
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If Mr Dix is to rail against Cameron, may I suggest he rails against the failure to control immigration into the UK - 600,000 last year alone.
Labour group colleagues rejected a motion to withdraw the whip from Coun Dix for six months, instead voting for no further action.
From left, Victoria Phillips, Walter Dix and Co; AGA Rangemaster chief executive William McGrath; Charles Dix and Sue Dix at the re-opening ceremony <B
Adam was inside for motoring offences, while Dix had been jailed in 1980 for tying mother of two Pia Overbury, 32, to a tree near her Gloucester home, raping her and then fatally shooting her in the head.
Dix most recently worked with the Environmental Enforcement Program.
I heard a radio report on the opening of the Welsh Coastal Path in May 2012, which mentioned that with the Offa's Dyke path it formed a complete circuit around Wales," said Prof Dix, who lives on Tiree, an Inner Hebrides island off the coast of Scotland.
Trois responsables de la province du Kunar, oE l'incident s'est produit, ont confirme la mort de dix enfants et d'une femme.
Dix and his contemporaries were by no means restrained in their political criticisms when they cared to make them, and a different intention seems present here.
In the early days, Dix Mille Villages developed a relationship with Clear Point Elementary School.
The name "Humphrey Bogart" momentarily appears over those eyes, identifying the actor with his character, Dix Steele.
Hankir, chief operating officer of KAS Investment Company (hospitality division) said Le Dix was one of the most luxurious hotels in the Arab world.
Dix is studying for her Masters in speech therapy at the city's Queen Margaret University, the 23-year-old being a well-known figure on the athletics circuit where the Fife club have claims on her services.