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DIXIDeep Impact Extended Investigation (NASA Deep Impact comet mission)
DIXIDocumentum Import Export Interface (software)
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Sand, gravity and pressure casting specialist Alucast has added Dixi Precision Components to its portfolio of companies.
The program also optimizes NC programs, and simulates all types of CNC machine tools, including those from leading manufacturers such as Mazak, Makino, Matsuura, Hermle, DMG, DIXI, Mori Seiki, and Chiron.
Mr Nash, who used to work for Dixi & Associates, in Siskin Drive, Coventry, is now happily dividing his time between his grandchildren - seven-year-old Faye, Millie, aged three, and eight-month-old Finley.
55,9 At ego, ut dixi, multiiuga sacra et plurimos ritus et uarias cerimonias studio ueri et officio erga deos didici ('But as I say, I have learned numerous cults, manifold rites, and various ceremonies in my ardour for truth and my sense of duty towards the gods').
Shares of Pharmstandard, Synergy and Dixi made unexpected effort upwards.
Owners: John (senior) and John (jnr) Hiskey 4 Dixi es Air Mark Wallis I'll be missing on Wednesday as I'm going away for a few days, but it's a team effort and we've had a fantastic year - any year you win the Derby is obviously that.
He was approached by five men near to Dixi Chicken and attacked.
In addition, the grinder subsidiary Taiyo Koki (Nagaoka, Japan), the jig-boring company Dixi Machines (LeLocle, Switzerland), and Mori's chuck manufacturer Tobler S.
I spent some time polishing and servicing my treasured 1930 BMW Dixi that I found and restored a few years back in Bulgaria.
Astonishingly, Vopiscus here explicitly renounces his own former account: ipse ego in Aureliani vita, priusquam de Firmo cuncta cognoscerem, Firmum non inter purpuratos habui, sed quasi quendam latronem; quod idcirco dixi, ne qui<s>, me oblitum aestimaret mei.
Those I have been lucky enough to find, and have carefully restored, include a BMW Dixi from 1928, a Mercedes saloon from 1958, a Balkan motorcycle from 1962, a pair of Volkswagen Kostenourki (Beetles) from 1965, and a Polski Fiat 126 cabriolet which I acquired in Warsaw.
Not for me, then, but clearly enough people can tolerate chips like this to keep Dixi k ickin'.