DIZDarkness in Zero (Kingdom Hearts; gaming)
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DIZDivision of Invertebrate Zoology (Society for Integrative & Comparative Biology)
DIZDeutsches Institut Zeitarbeit (German: German Time Work Institute)
DIZDienst Interne Zaken (Dutch: Internal Affairs Service; various locations)
DIZDirect Impact Zone (environmental management)
DIZDevelopment Incentive Zone (various locations)
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Siklikla diz, omuz gibi buyuk eklemlere uygulanmakla birlikte; ayak bilegi, el bilegi ve dirsek gibi orta buyuklukteki eklemlere, hatta eldeki kucuk eklemlere uygulanabilmektedir (1, 8).
Matching wits with detective Halliday and Nicky's attorney, Diz, became a challenge.
A partir de um tema sobre o qual ele se debruca quotidianamente--o controle feminino da reproducao e o sentido da maternidade--, o autor ve a maternidade reduzida aos seus aspectos exclusivamente biologicos e diz que nao e possivel se transformar num ser livre enquanto nao se ultrapassar essas limitacoes.
Bret Barnhizer, chairman and CEO of NanoLogix, said the company is "delighted at the results of the work by Professor Diz and associates and anticipate potential upscaling of the Welch's operation to commercial bioreactor status.
Diz acknowledged the appreciation and then surprised us by stating, "I want to remind you that you're not hearing any prerecorded music tonight.
Diz dominated National League batters from the early to mid-'30s, setting countless records while, through his zany antics, further etching himself into American folklore as a truly original character.
But I've got Diz Disley here," pleaded the member wanting to get in.
Lo que nos proponemos es mostrar como nacio la secuencia medieval diz (que) y de que manera llego a desempenar el papel que se le conoce hoy en dia.
The Ricerche complesse function enables one to search the database and generate wordlists using one of eight "sub-dictionaries," or specialized dictionaries: i) diz.
More Diz biz: ESPN, another favorite son in the Michael Eisner empire, has Joe Morgan and Jon Miller doing the national radio broadcast for the series.
E desenhado para aguentar temperaturas ate 600 [degrees] F (315 [degrees] C) e se diz que e de duas a quatro vezes mais eficiente do que as outras materiais de isolamento termico usadas geralmente.
And from the beginning of my entrance into that world, it was Diz who was the central figure, the beckoner, sitting there looking out at me from Esquire, the beret and horn-rimmed bebop glasses.