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DJCDaily Journal of Commerce (Seattle, WA)
DJCDepartment of Juvenile Corrections (aka Division of Juvenile Corrections; various states)
DJCDow Jones Composite
DJCDutch Jazz Connection (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
DJCDark Jedi Council (gaming clan)
DJCDanville Junction Chapter (National Railway Historical Society; Danville, IL)
DJCDécolletage Jean Cordier (French metallurgy firm)
DJCDécolletage Jacques-Coeur (French manufacturing firm)
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But DFS investigators found that between January and August 2017, Contreras cashed at least 620 payroll checks for DJC Builders & Construction.
On March 19, aircraft owners and insurers received a letter from David Landow of DJC, informing them that his bank was holding up insurance payments to the contractor for debris removal.
The TCR[beta] chain gene includes 75-100 V segments and two tandem DJC complexes referred to as D1J1C1 and D2J2C2.
Results released in mid-September by DJC Research, a Nielsen SRG company in Toronto, draws Canada's first statistical profile of big-spending immigrants, primarily from Hong Kong and Taiwan.
For the DJC to be replaced by a quango was more than the local authorities could stand.
Horowitz M, Maddern GJ, Chatterton BE, Collins PJ, Harding PE, Shearman DJC.
Regulatory laws and compliance issues are becoming more stringent and are continually changing, which normally force small and mid-size businesses to spend additional costs to remain compliant," said Dennis Jenkins of DJC, a communication systems company.
Named after the awards program the DJC holds each fall, the new Women of Vision magazine will tell the stories of women who built and are building our city, our state and our region.
Debra Caruso Marrone, the owner of the DJC Communications, a media relations firm based in New York City, has the same idea about O'Reilly's future.
DJC, a private company headed by Cundall, will get 30 per cent of the total and the Burma partner company Shwe Taung Paw, headed by Htoo Htoo Zaw, will get 20 per cent.
Rich Bramble (3) and Steve Prestidge (2) steered Khalsa Reserves to their 5-1 rout of ten-man DJC Sporting.