DJSGIDow Jones Sustainability Group Index
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Corporate sustainability is an investable concept," according to the DJSGI.
STMicroelectronics (NYSE:STM) has been ranked as the world's leading semiconductor company and one of the top two sustainability-driven companies in the world for integration of sustainability into a comprehensive Total Quality Management System by the Dow Jones Sustainability Group Indexes (DJSGI) in an announcement made by the DJSGI earlier this month.
Starting from the Dow Jones Global Index (DJGI) of nearly 3000 companies in 33 countries, the DJSGI initially selected 2000 companies with the largest worldwide market capitalizations and then selected the top 10% of leading sustainability companies across 68 industries.
The DJSGI is a family of global equities indexes that track the performance of 225 leading sustainability-driven companies in 68 industry groups in 22 countries.