DKDDeutsche Klinik für Diagnostik (Wiesbaden, Germany)
DKDDeutschen Kalibrierdienst (German calibration service)
DKDDelta Kappa Delta (sorority)
DKDCash Drawer Kick-Out Driver
DKDDavid Kidd's Domain (Queensland, Australia website)
DKDDistributed Knowledge Delivery
DKDDecimating Kids Daily (gaming clan)
DKDDynamic Kill Drilling (petroleum engineering)
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Prior to that he was chairman, CEO and co-founder of the premier provider of managed care contract and quality management systems, DKD & Company, which was acquired by the Medstat Group in September 1994.
DKD Electric used its ten years of experience with other technology-based companies as well as Integrated Electrical Service's best practices to accomplish the installation of these environment-sensitive machines.
He was also instrumental in completing the merger of DKD into The Medstat Group, a NASDAQ traded company.
The ability to accurately predict the onset of DKD via a simple blood test and then provide appropriate treatment to prevent the onset of the disease has the potential to save health care systems globally billions of dollars.
The stolen vehicle is a dark-blue 2007 Hyundai Elantra with an Oregon license plate that reads 922 DKD.
They then ceased running the cattery expenses through DKD and took no deductions for expenses incurred through August on the entity's 2006 tax return.
Administrators at the Manchester office of business specialist KPMG tried to clinch the sale of DKD Contac, but a deal collapsed at the 11th hour.
Macroalbuminuria--or microalbuminuria in a patient with type 1 diabetes for more than 10 years or diabetic retinopathy--is highly suggestive of DKD.
I was reminded this week of my grandfather, who went by his initials, DKD.
Instead, the temperature and pressure of the sample were monitored using DKD [3] calibrated sensors, and the density was calculated from the state equation of real gases.
As a consequence they founded the AKKD (Association against Discrimination of Women) in 1986 and two other associations The DEMKAD (Association of Women in the Struggle for Democracy) and DKD (Democratic Women's Association).
In the smaller-size buildings, DKD and QUA are positive and significant.