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DKIMDomain Keys Identified Mail (Cisco/Yahoo!)
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In response to this growing threat, Halon developed DKIM libraries with open source libdkim++ to sign and validate email signatures.
Specifically, VBR permits independent third parties to certify that a certain domain's DKIM signatures or SPF records should be trusted to indicate legitimate messages.
Bottom line: Check with your e-mail service provider and ask whether it uses DKIM, which is becoming the new standard.
The value of DKIM will be fully realized when mail applications utilize the signature to recognize prior correspondents.
Halon is also future proof with support for emerging technologies such as IPv6, DNSSEC and DKIM, which means that even if you change solution today, you will not risk an expensive investment in the future, when these become requirements.
DKIM uses encrypted digital signatures to prove the origin of the message and could reportedly help in the fight against spam and phishing attacks.
DMARC uses existing authentication protocols - Sender Policy Framework (SPF) and DKIM - to enable brands to publish policies that reject messages that are not properly authenticated.
They deal with blacklist monitoring, reverse DNS, DKIM, ISP throttling, blocked ports, and feedback loops with major email providers such as Yahoo, AOL, and Hotmail (all behind the scenes).
Halon VSP supports next-generation Internet and mail security technologies such as IPv6, DNSSEC and DKIM, which makes your IT investments long-term future-proof.
This works by allowing a sender to indicate that valid emails from their company are protected by SPF and/or DKIM.
A detailed course on DKIM implementation is also available in four parts on the MAAWG site.
DKIM is a signature-based e-mail authentication product, based on DomainKeys e-mail authentication from Yahoo and Identified Internet Mail from Cisco.