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DKMDropkick Murphys (band)
DKMDistributed Knowledge Management
DKMDon't Kill Me
DKMDrehkolben Maschine (German: Single-Rotation Engine, aka: SIM)
DkMDeutschland Kreigsmarine
DKMDesktop Key Manager
DKMDeutsches Kriegsmarine (German: German Navy)
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When Martin Scorsese needed a firecracker in the soundtrack to his Boston-based mob film "The Departed," the DKMs handed over "I'm Shipping Up to Boston," resulting in Scorsese winning the Academy Award (OK so maybe that's an exaggeration, but it's just too damn easy to lionize the Dropkicks).
The combined companies of the DKM Group and the Illington Group will operate under the new global brand, ThomasLloyd.
DKM Properties, which has received final approval from the township's planning board, plans to begin construction of the project in the fourth quarter of 1991.
Founded in the 1950's by the late Charles Dyson, DKM is one of the oldest private equity companies in the U.
Appointees include Eugene O'Kelly, vice chairman of financial services at KPMG; Lawrence Leisure, managing partner, Dot-Com Launch Centres at Andersen Consulting; Donald Morford, principal at DKM Consulting; Chris Kocher and Steve Weiss, founders and managing directors of Grey Herron, and Thomas McCabe Kelly, vice president, Internet Learning Solutions Group at Cisco Systems.
Copies of DKM including documentation required for the implementation of the results of land consolidation in the Land Registry.
Nasdaq: OPTT) and The Dyson-Kissner-Moran Corporation ("DKM") jointly announced that they have signed a definitive agreement for Optek to be acquired by DKM for $25.
Simpson, senior associate of DKM, and Irwin Lagusker, information technology director of CMTC, will co-present the seminar to an expected audience of CEOs, COOs, CFOs and CIOs.
DKM Consultants said the authorities will get e936million, while NTR will reap e616million.
DKM, which expects sales in 1998 to reach $700 million, manufactures products for the leisure-time, automotive, R/V sanitation, refrigeration, and gas appliance industries, and distributes maintenance supplies to the institutional, commercial and industrial aftermarkets.
Incam AG was again represented with its own stand at the DKM fair in Dortmund at the end of May 2001.