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DKNYDonna Karan New York
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Whereas Donna Karan by Lenox, which launched a few years ago, is high-end and couture-minded, DKNY Lenox appeals to the mid-range consumer with more eclectic, fun colors and styles, all imbued with the spirit and energy of New York City, said Glenn DeStefano, president, DKNY and Donna Karan Lenox collections.
Saturday - DKNY selling day with informal modeling at 2 p.
Guided by similar philosophies, Chandon and DKNY both communicate a confident yet approachable style that appeals to today's savvy consumers.
Several months ago, I was approached by a representative of DKNY who asked to purchase 300 of my photos to hang in their store windows 'around the world,'" he explained.
The latest Hartstrings line to be released from DKNY features an incredible selection of children's clothing.
The long-term, 17,776 s/f lease ensures that DKNY will continue its prominence in the heart of the Madison Avenue shopping district through at least 2024.
In July, Greene hosted Super Saturday in the Hamptons where she wore DKNY.
With new models accompanying old favourites, the Watch Hut expects DKNY watches to be a big hit over the festive period.
DKNY Be Delicious is a juicy fragrance combining the scent of apple with a sophisticated blend of exotic flowers and sensual woods, while DKNY Red Delicious sparkles with exotic lychee and red raspberry mingled with crisp apple.
Along the same lines in terms of decor are the DKNY shop (at a frontage of 33 running feet, the smallest of the major designers), the Michael Kors area and the Lacoste Home space.
3 -- color) no caption (DKNY Charmingly Delicious and DKNY Red Delicious fragrances)
Fashion student Louise Graham is hoping to take a huge bite out of the Big Apple after winning a coveted placement with New York designer DKNY.