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DKPDeutsche Kommunistische Partei (German: German Communist Party)
DKPDiketopiperazine (aspartame by-product)
DKPDragon Kill Points (massively multiplayer online games)
DKPDer Kleiner Panzers (California Volkswagen car club)
DKPDigital Keypad
DKPDemokratik Kitle Partisi (Turkish: Democratic Mass Party)
DKPDeutsche Konservative Partei (German: German Conservative Party)
DKPDelpérier-Kédia-Pitkowski (French radio show)
DKPDungeon Kill Points (gaming)
DKPDistributed Knowledge Processing
DKPDamal Krishnaswamy Pattammal (Indian musician)
DKPDriver's Kick Panel (automotive feature)
DKPDan Krech Productions, Inc.
DKPDecontamination Kit Personal (nuclear decontamination)
DKPDrift King Productions (Australian video production company)
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The DKP shouldn't have the candidates up for election in the region if they have ethics like these," LKP's Secretary General Hong Moon-pyo said.
Mohammad Abdullah, Managing Director of DKP and DIAC, said: "DIAC Week of Welcome 2018 provides students the opportunity to appreciate the Dubai culture and get a taste of university lifestyle.
While before the Second World War the DKP never achieved widespread support in a social-democratic and largely anti-communist society, it did, in the 1930s, experience increased support and secure parliamentary representation, against the background of the economic recession and high rates of unemployment.
Harley DKP (2004b) Patterns of nestbox use by Leadbeater's Possum (Gymnobelideus leadbeateri): applications to research and conservation.
5, 25, and 50 mg forms and a parenteral form containing 50mg/2 ml DKP.
Rivera said he had a couple of brief discussions with Dana Jamison, director of boxing operations for DKP, but she never got back to him.
One example is the award-winning Fenby Legacy [Unicorn-Kanchana DKP 9008-9009, 1981, LP].
Since the aspartame in diet soda breaks down into formaldehyde and DKP, it makes sense that taste tests revealed a noticeable difference among tasters.
Mohammad Abdullah, Managing Director of DKP and DIAC, said: "At DIAC and DKP, we strongly believe that excellence in education lays the groundwork for innovation in the UAE.
The public approval rating for the LKP is also lower than that of the DKP in the regions in many opinion polls.
DiamondKesawn,CEO of DKP TV/Radio and Editor In Chief of Raynbow Affair Magazine has been in the industry for a while and has tapped into multiple markets.