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DKPDeutsche Kommunistische Partei (German: German Communist Party)
DKPDiketopiperazine (aspartame by-product)
DKPDragon Kill Points (massively multiplayer online games)
DKPDemokratik Kitle Partisi (Turkish: Democratic Mass Party)
DKPDeutsche Konservative Partei (German: German Conservative Party)
DKPDungeon Kill Points (gaming)
DKPDamal Krishnaswamy Pattammal (Indian musician)
DKPDistributed Knowledge Processing
DKPDriver's Kick Panel (automotive feature)
DKPDecontamination Kit Personal (nuclear decontamination)
DKPDan Krech Productions, Inc.
DKPDrift King Productions (Australian video production company)
DKPDer Kleiner Panzers (California Volkswagen car club)
DKPDelpérier-Kédia-Pitkowski (French radio show)
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Rivera has no fight date, King's people haven't officially OK'd Rivera's appearance on the Worcester show, which is now in serious jeopardy, and there's an uneasy truce between Rivera and DKP, at least for the moment.
Rivera said he had a couple of brief discussions with Dana Jamison, director of boxing operations for DKP, but she never got back to him.
The higher the storage temperature, the higher the level of DKP in the soda.
Austin State University (Faculty Research Grant # 14123 to AYK, LEB and DKP, 2003 to 2004).
Architectural services will be provided by Stauch Vorster Architects, while Electrical and Mechanical engineering designs will be undertaken by Rawlins Wales and Partners and DKP Design Services.
Maria Rivera-Ortiz, the sister and attorney for Rivera, said that the fight was agreed upon yesterday after discussions with King and Dana Jamison, director of boxing operations for DKP.
One example is the award-winning Fenby Legacy [Unicorn-Kanchana DKP 9008-9009, 1981, LP].
Under the agreement, Warren acknowledged his obligation to pay King in full recognition of his rights as a partner and publicly withdrew a number of allegations previously made against DKP.
DKP Raidplanner is a free feature that also organizes group forums, polls and other marketplace activities that improve game play
A frustrated Rivera had asked out of the final year of his promotional deal with DKP, but the firm extended an olive branch and the request was withdrawn - for now.
Warren had disputed the claim but High Court judge Mr Justice Lightman ruled that there was an agreement that they would jointly promote British fighters and Mr Warren "was in breach of the duties he owed to DKP.
After receiving a bout agreement from DKP by fax on Thursday, Rivera responded on Friday with what he called a "counteroffer" through his sister and attorney, Maria Rivera-Ortiz.