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DLPDigital Light Processing
DLPdata loss prevention (information technology)
DLPDisneyland Paris
DLPData Leak Prevention
DLPDemocratic Labor Party
DLPDiscrete Logarithm Problem (number-theoretic reference problem)
DLPDistance Learning Program
DLPDisneyland Park (Disney resort)
DLPDistributed Library Project
DLPData Link Protocol
DLPDose Length Product (measure of total exposure for a study in Computed Tomography)
DLPDominica Labor Party
DLPDelta Lambda Phi (fraternity)
DLPDigital Light Projector
DLPDirect Loan Program
DLPDisabilities Law Project (Pennsylvania, USA)
DLPData-Level Parallelism
DLPData Link Processor
DLPDistinguished Lecturer Program
DLPDefect Liability Period
DLPDefence Learning Portal
DLPDominican Liberation Party (political group)
DLPDistinguished Lecturers Program
DLPDepository Library Program
DLPDirect Link Protocol (IEEE 802.11e)
DLPDiscrete Logarithmic Problem
DLPDistributed Logic Programming Language
DLPDesktop Link Protocol (PalmPilot HotSync protocol)
DLPData Life Plus
DLPDefense Language Program
DLPDigital Laser Projector
DLPDark Lord Potter (discussion forum)
DLPDragons Lair Project (gaming)
DLPDigital Light Pipe
DLPDreamland Park
DLPData Link Pod
DLPDecode Level Point
DLPDirector of Laboratory Programs
DLPDoctrinal Literature Program
DLPDimension/Length Profile
DLPDisplay Link Parallel
DLPDell Logistics Provider
DLPDigital Llama Productions
DLPDigitell Legacy Productions
DLPDavid Laurence Phillips (DLP Associates, architecture firm)
DLPDual Linearly Polarized
DLPDepot Level Spares
DLPDon Logay Productions (Laguna Niguel, CA)
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For example, DLP solutions will not prevent an information security vulnerability or attack like SQL Injection related to technology.
Because DLP systems may separately store copies of communications, including web browsing conduct, that may be relevant in certain regulatory and litigation contexts, this results in the risk that such systems will be overlooked as a potential source of electronically stored information (ESI) that should be considered for legal holds and e-discovery purposes.
To further simplify deployment, Blue Coat DLP appliances enable administrators to configure the most critical functions first and add additional functionality over time.
For another 30%, DLP is about protecting the company's intellectual property.
In the calendar third quarter of 2004, Samsung occupied 72 percent of the DLP rear-projection U.
com's Evan Powell, LCDs tend to deliver better color saturation and sharper images than DLPs, though the latter are gaining ground.
Of course, DLP staff now want to protect the university's interests, which is accomplished by offering only relatively low-resolution images on the Web and providing access to the high-resolution TIF files only at the Lilly Library.
The Blue Coat DLP appliances provide a no compromise approach to data loss protection that supports enterprise-class DLP functionality in an easy-to-deploy solution," said Matt Young, vice president, Asia Pacific region, Blue Coat Systems.
Despite the media coverage, the general level of awareness of DLP technologies is still relatively low in the Asia Pacific region.
DLP Healthcare was created to work collaboratively with communities, physicians and hospitals to optimize the availability of innovative healthcare services locally," said Molly O'Neill, Duke University Health System Vice President for Business Development and Chief Strategic Planning Officer, and DLP Healthcare board member.
File Format Independence: With support for over 600 document types, the Blue Coat DLP appliance can access a broad range of file types, including archives.
Offering users a highly versatile and easy to use development tool, the DLP LightCommander is a complete system comprised of modular assemblies that enables customers to prototype potential applications for DLP technology in a matter of hours instead of days.