DLPFCDorsolateral Prefrontal Cortex
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Grey matter also increases in the DLPFC and cerebellum of the participants who took piano lessons, whereas some degree of atrophy was noted in all three areas of the brain among those in the passive control group, the study reveals.
Dysregulation of DLPFC is thought to be central to the neurophysiology of schizophrenia.
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Some studies have also indicated that HF rTMS applied to the left DLPFC can ameliorate chronic migraine (13).
We found only one rTMS case report evaluating post-MI depression, in which the left DLPFC was stimulated for the treatment of a 55-year-old man with depression and panic disorder 6 months after MI (27).
The GDS scores also correlated positively with the Cho/Cr ratio in the left DLPFC (r = 0.
For Brooks, discovering the DLPFC data was like finding a tiny vein of gold in a heap of granite.
Dreaming also occurs when the DLPFC shuts down and, for this reason, people often have their best ideas as they are slipping in or out of sleep.
In theory, more complex rational thought should increase demand on the DLPFC as evidenced by increased activity measured by the EEG.
In similar vein, the increased neural firing in the prefrontal cortex (SEF, DLPFC, and ACC) before antisaccades has been demonstrated in monkeys (Amador, Schlag-Rey, & Schlag, 2004; Johnston & Everling, 2008; Schlag-Rey, Amador, Sanchez, & Schlag, 1997).
34) The DLPFC acts as the executive function of the brain and relates to rule-based logic rather than emotive content.
anterior cingulate cortex (ACC), DLPFC, insular cortex IC, and parietal portex (PC)].