DLPTDefense Language Proficiency Test
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In units in close proximity to external resource centers, commanders can send Soldiers to five week refresher courses before their DLPT.
It is also time to allow anyone to take the DLPT without a "Mother, may I?
Thus, we should amend Air Force Instruction (AFI) 36-2803, Air Force Awards and Decorations Program, 15 June 2001, to award an Oak Leaf Cluster to the Air Force Training Ribbon for obtaining a DLPT score of 3/3/3 in a targeted language.
Thereafter, annual DLPTs test only reading and listening comprehension ability.
The most important characteristic about language maintenance is that it cannot be neglected until just before the annual DLPT.
A DLPT may be scheduled with Fort Huachuca Education Center.
Of course a DLPT score runs a distant second when our military moves on the road to war, but as we draw down in Afghanistan now is the time to scrutinize DLPT scores as they can provide the DOD a starting point regarding which enlisted Soldiers and officers would make good candidates for transfer into the pipeline of regional alignment.
Identified by a skills assessment examination, lieutenants with a language would receive refresher training until they report to MI BOLC, with a mandatory DLPT at the end of their language training.
We expect outcomes to result in 2/1+/2 as measured by the DLPT before immersion; The Language MOS Enhancement Program (LMEP) will be implemented at the end of the course to familiarize the students with specific job skill language that will support HUMINT operations.
Monterey, June 6, 2005--The Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center (DLIFLC)in Monterey, California, in partnership with the Department of Defense (DOD), is about to launch the newest generation of the Defense Language Proficiency Test: DLPT 5.
Both regulations require a DLPT minimum of 2/2 for 98G linguists.
Certified language ability (minimum Defense Language Proficiency Test or DLPT 2/2)