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DLRDocklands Light Railway (London, UK)
DLRDisneyland Resort
DLRDeutschen Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt (German: German Aerospace Center)
DLRDynamic Language Runtime
DLRDebout la République (French: Arise the Republic; political group)
DLRDavid Lee Roth
DLRDynamic Line Rating
DLRDeutsche Forschungsanstalt für Luft-Und Raumfahrt (German Aerospace Research Establishment)
DLRDual-Luciferase Reporter (Promega Corporation)
DLRData Location Register
DLRDestination Local Reference
DLRDirect Line Recording
DLRDynamic Location Register
DLRDelete Registry
DLRDistinctive Line Ringing
DLRDe La Rue (French: of the road; British stamp producers)
DLRDepot-Level Repairable (US DoD)
DLRDienstleistungszentrum Ländlicher Raum (Germany)
DLRDivision of Labor Relations (Massachusetts)
DLRDiscrimination Law Review (UK)
DLRDisneyland Railroad (Disneyland Resort, Disneyland Paris, Tokyo Disneyland)
DLRDownwelling Longwave Radiation (climate)
DLRDriver License Record (various locations)
DLRDominion Law Reports
DLRDesign Layout Record
DLRDOS LAN Requester
DLRDaily Language Review
DLRDigital Learning Resources (Austalia)
DLRDoesn't Look Right
DLRDepartment of Land Reform
DLRDivision of Licensed Resources
DLRDepot Level Repair
DLRDynamic Link Routine
DLRDownward Longwave Radiation
DLRDirection des Langues Régionales (French: Department of Regional Languages; Mayotte)
DLRDiscount Location Rental (New Caledonia)
DLRDirectorate of Land Requirements
DLRDesignated Local Retransmitter (Cisco)
DLRDetection Limit for Purposes of Reporting (regulated drinking water)
DLRDigital Llama Radio (Star Wars fan films Internet radio)
DLRDistributeurs, Loueurs, Réparateurs (French: Distributors, Rental Companies, Repairers; est. 1965)
DLRDepartmental Library Representative (various universities)
DLRData Loader Recorder
DLRDepartment of Licensed Resources (Washington State Department of Social and Health Services)
DLRDefect Leakage Rate (Vista, Microsoft)
DLRDirectory Listing Requirement
DLRDhaka Law Report
DLRDivision Level Review
DLRDivision of Licensing and Regulations
DLRDigital Lightwave Repeater
DLRDe La Rosa & Company (Los Angeles, CA investment bankers)
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Based in Minneapolis, Davenport joined DLR Group in 1980 and has practiced his entire career with the firm.
The addition of Staffelbach adds to the depth of DLR Group's interior design capabilities and elevates the scale of interiors expertise available to clients in each of the firm's 29 global locations.
The research agenda itself was developed to better serve the needs of clients within our core markets," said DLR Group Global Design Leader Steven McKay.
com/comet-lander-philae-wakes-whats-next-its-speeding-toward-sun-1965965) June 2015 with the last signal received by ESA and DLR on July 15, 2015.
The DLR is part of a large and growing TfL network of rail services, which also includes London Overground routes across the capital and the West Anglia service from Liverpool Street station to Enfield Town, Cheshunt (via Seven Sisters) and Chingford and between Romford and Upminster, which will come under TfL control in May 2015.
DLR, as owner of the building, after trial in its favor, had already been compensated for the value of its fee interest in the property.
We believe that this is a good field of co-operation between DLR and the QNFSP,"Prof Wagner said.
The Mayor's transport adviser Kulveer Ranger said: "Increasing the capacity of the DLR is vital ahead of the 2012 Games when it will play a key role in getting people to the venues.
The re-opening of Tower Gateway Station for WTM 2009 will help to ease congestion at Canning Town Station, by allowing people to commence their DLR journey from an earlier station.
The public address system will be controlled from Linux PC workstations at the Control Centre and telent is also integrating it with the DLR customer information display system, the company said.
The first phase will mean the DLR can lengthen trains on its busiest route, Bank and Tower Gateway to Lewisham.
The DLR program involves returning a matching carcass for each DLR requisitioned.