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We mention that ,,luciu" was already part of the basic Romanian vocabulary with the meaning of ,,suprafata stralucitoare a unui obiect; lustru" (,,shiny surface of an object, luster") (CADE, DLRM, DEX1); together with the Anglicism gloss (DCR3:267), luciu (de buze) represents a highly favoured term with speakers of current Romanian, easily replacing one another.
Effects of DLRM inclusion levels and xylanase addition on in vitro digestibility
Effects of xylanase addition on in vitro digestibility of DM, CP and NDF of diets containing Chinese DLRM were presented in Table 2.
Positive control 1 based on CSM and positive control 2 containing Chinese DLRM at 60 g/kg diet both had a numerically higher ADG (853 g/d, 844 g/d vs.
A significant decrease in weight gain was observed in our previous study where the inclusion of Chinese DLRM was higher than 100 g/kg diet in growing-finishing pig diets (Peng et al.
For Chinese DLRM, a total of about 15% carbohydrates including starch, free sugars and soluble NSP are encapsulated by cell walls and that their actual contribution to digestible energy is modest (Bell, 1993).
In the current study, the diet containing Chinese DLRM at 60 g/kg diet was one that commonly used in commercial practice.
70 g/kg diet having a similar even better growth performance compared with the positive control suggested the feasibility of using appropriate concentration of xylanase to increase the Chinese DLRM inclusion levels in growing-finishing pig diets.
2006) investigated the effect of xylanase supplementation in Chinese DLRM inclusion diet on total-tract nutrient digestibility and growth performance of growing pigs, and observed an improved growth rate and feed efficiency as a result of enhanced overall digestibility of energy and proximate nutrients as well as anti-nutritional fibre components such as NDF and ADF.
Some in vitro and in vivo studies demonstrated the positive effect of fibre-degrading enzymes in improving NSP degradation and nutrient digestibility by broilers fed DLRM diets (Slominski and Campbell, 1990; Simbaya et al.
Furthermore, corn and DLRM diets had lower soluble fibre levels compared with viscous cereals such as wheat and barley, and factors associated with insoluble fibre such as the packaging of nutrients inside cell wall material, together with starch structure and composition, seem to be more relevant to the discounted feeding value of these grains and meals (Slominski and Campbell, 1990; Partridge, 2001; Fang et al.
In conclusion, the results indicated that dietary supplementation with appropriate amount of xylanase was feasible to improve the inclusion levels of Chinese DLRM in growing pig diets, and that the in vitro two-stage enzyme incubation method could be used to predict the responses of pigs to exogenous enzymes and hence select effective enzymes targeting specific substrates.