DLRPDisneyland Resort Paris
DLRPDivision of Land Resource Protection (Department of Conservation; Canada)
DLRPDisability Law Resource Project (Houston, TX)
DLRPData Link Reference Point
DLRPDatabase of Ligand-Receptor Partners
DLRPDigital Library Research Program (various schools)
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Working with the city and other stakeholders, Priest and DLRP spearheaded revitalization on Main Street.
Calculate your DLRP three-year retention bonus like this: ($5/kw-mo) x (500 kW) x (5 mo) x (100% PF) = $12,500 per summer (times three summers).
Calculate your CSRP three-year retention bonus the same way as your DLRP three-year retention bonus payment: ($ 10/kw-mo) x (500 kW) x (5 mo) x (100% PF) = $25,000.
The DLRP Main Street Revitalization Committee leads the city's task force to implement recommendations for Main Street made by the Mayor's Council on City Design.