DLTIDigital Transient Improvements
DLTIDual Language Training Institute (Edinburg, TX)
DLTIDigital Luminance Transient Improvement
DLTIDavvenen' Leadership Training Institute (Jewish institute)
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10,11 During DLTI, anesthetists often need to exert a greater force to employ combined techniques, which dramatically affects the circulation.
It also contains a range of advanced picture improvement functions such as DCTI, DLTI, dynamic color management, and dynamic color and contrast control.
Multiple input support -- standard TV (NTSC/PAL) and HDTV (480p/720p/1080i) up to WXGA -- Advanced Pixelworks scaling -- (non-linear, multi-regional scaling with intelligent 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratio conversion) -- Motion adaptive deinterlacing including dynamic low angle interpolation, film mode detection with 2:2 and 3:2 pull-down, noise reduction, and video enhancements with DLTI, DCTI, brightness, contrast, saturation, hue -- Gamma Correction -- Closed captioning and V-chip support -- Teletext support -- 16-color bitmapped on-screen display