DM1DIF (Differentiation-Inducing-Factor) Metabolite 1
DM1Diabetes Mellitus Type 1
DM1Draftsman-Illustrator First Class (Naval Rating)
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Rx] is designed to reduce the production of the toxic dystrophia myotonica-protein kinase (DMPK) RNA in cells, including muscle cells, for the potential treatment of DM1.
Disease management for the patient with DM1 and CD can be complicated because nutritional plans recommended for the two conditions conflict; effects of either condition can worsen as a result of choices made to support the other's recommended nutritional therapy.
The second generation EDI[TM] DM1 ADC EIA Kit, EDI[TM] MMAE ADC EIA Kit, and the EDI[TM] MMAF ADC EIA Kit are available now.
The somatic cell mosaicism characteristic of DM1 depends on a patient's age, the tissues examined, and the length of the expansion (9-12), and makes the molecular diagnosis and the prognosis of the disease complex.
By the end of August, the dollar was trading near levels that prevailed at the beginning of the month, closing at DM1.
We have an innovative and productive partnership with Biogen Idec in developing drugs to treat severe and rare diseases, like DM1.
KadcylaA is a conjugate of antibody trastuzumab and chemical compound DM1 attached together using a stable linker.
Based on these specific antibodies, they have developed three specific enzyme immunoassay kits (EIA) for measuring DM1-ADC (Antibody DM1 conjugate), MMAE-ADC (antibody MMAE conjugate) and MMAF-ADC (antibody MMAF conjugate) for specimen among human, rodent, primate and any other experimental animal species.
T-DM1 teams up the Herceptin antibody with a powerful chemotherapy agent DM1.
In total, 21 Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) slabs were surveyed by Face Consultants and certified as fully compliant with DM1, it added.
Autoantibodies against [beta]-cells can be detected before clinical onset of DM1 (2, 3) and can help to distinguish type 2 diabetes mellitus (DM2) from latent autoimmune diabetes of the adult (LADA) (4), which may represent one-half of cases of autoimmune diabetes (1).
Revenue growth outside Germany was up 97% in 1998 to DM1.