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DM3Cubic Decimetre
DM3Dye-Matrix 3 (paintball)
DM3Draftsman-Illustrator Third Class (Naval Rating)
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During the examination of the DM3 process, it became clear that leveraging movement control is essential and that grade plate reductions at EAB had hit theater-level movement control especially hard.
It can be seen that DMi (sales department) and DM3 (senior managers) had similar views on the ranking, while DM2 (purchasing department), DM4 (customers), and DM5 (consultants) shared common views.
Generally, the songs that don't work for DM3 are the slower or more quiet numbers.
The DM3 Spot-Check mode supports batch collection of basic vitals for multiple patients.
The DM3 Series card connectors are ideal for use in mobile phone terminals, digital cameras, PDAs, miniature information terminals and other portable devices
German e-commerce and e-banking software developer DataDesign AG has reported a second quarter operating loss of DM3.
The DM3 IPLink platform is software upgradable to include the G.
NetXchange is developing a real-time fax and voice over IP solution based on the Dialogic DM3 platform.
But before the region's industrialists crack open those Champagne bottles at the sight of sterling dipping below DM3, may I inject a note of pessimism.
When you compare that with the direct investment that was done by foreign investors in the old Germany -- the former West Germany -- in 1990, the figure was only DM3 million.
Under the terms of this agreement, Spacelabs will provide Ultraview SL patient monitors, Ultraview Telemetry, DM3 patient monitors and ICS G2 software applications for hospital-wide implementation.