DM5Dye Matrix 5 (paintball)
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Clearly, alternative A2 was given priority by the DMi, and alternative A5 was considered the best by the DM4 and DM5.
While functional, that application did not provide support for products other than Open Text DM5 and was not suited to enforce restrictions across SharePoint Server 2010 in a cloud environment, which is a key part of Clifford Chance's technology strategy.
BA Insight's Connector framework was critical to providing our legal professionals with an effective means to search our OpenText[formerly Hummingbird] DM5 document store from within SharePoint, allowing them to quickly retrieve the information they need," said Mark Gerow, Director of Applications & Business Process of Fenwick & West.
For example, a hallmark of the new CaseMap is its expanded "Bulk Send to CaseMap" function to include linkages with more than 30 discovery and litigation support tools, such as LexisNexis([R]) Concordance[R], LexisNexis([R]) Total Litigator, LexisNexis[R] CourtLink[R], WorldDOX[R], Adobe[R] Acrobat[R], Hummingbird[R] DM5, Worksite[R] (iManage) and many more.
The Alesis DM5 offers over 500 professional drum, cymbal, and percussion sounds built-in, as well as 12 inputs for drum and cymbal pads.
Lewis Silkin LLP, which has 250 staff, is planning to integrate InterAction with Microsoft Outlook(R), Axxia's Arista practice management system, Hummingbird's DM5 document management system and other Microsoft Office(R) applications to provide lawyers and staff with one seamless environment for comprehensive access to all critical business information directly from their desktop environment.
During his tenure, Stein helped drive the launch of such products as Numark's award-winning iDJ, the Alesis DM5 Kit and Akai Professional's MPC 500.
0 enables users to connect to a wider range of document management systems and software, including Documentum, Hummingbird DM5, Interwoven Worksite, Microsoft SharePoint 2003 and OpenText LiveLink.
V12 graphics and SGI(R) DMediaPro(TM) DM2 and DMediaPro(TM) DM5 graphics options; two 2-processor Silicon Graphics(R) Octane2(TM) visual workstations, one Silicon Graphics Octane2 running Discreet flame and one running Alias(R) Maya(R) software.
Full piconet configuration (1master, 7slaves) -- ACL data transfer -- SCO data transfer through Host Interface (UART, PCMCIA) or External Voice Codec (PCM interface) -- Packets supported: ID, FHS, DM1, DM3, DM5, DH1, DH3, POLL, NULL, HV1, HV2, HV3, DV -- Basic access procedures supported: page, page scan, inquiry, inquiry scan, inquiry response, master/slave response -- Authentication and Pairing -- UART transport (standard) -- PCMCIA transport (proprietary) -- Firmware upgrade through UART and PCMCIA -- Encryption -- Master/Slave switch -- Hold -- Scattered capabilities