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DMACDirect Machining and Control
DMACDepartmental Microcomputer Acquisition Contract
DMaCDiverless Maintained Cluster (deep water oil and gas industry)
DMACData Management for Assessment and Curriculum
DMACDeterministic Multiple-Access Channel
DMACData Management Analysis Center
DMACDurant Motors Automobile Club (automotive fanclub)
DMACDefine Measure Analyze Control
DMACDavis-Monthan Activities Committee
DMACDisaster Management Advisory Committee (FEMA)
DMACDecision Making and Communications Module (Society of Actuaries)
DMACDrug, Marketing, Advertising and Communications (US FDA)
DMACDarren McFadden (football player)
DMACDirect Memory Access Control
DMACDirect Memory Access Controller
DMACDestination Media Access Control (Cisco)
DMACDigital Media Arts College (Boca Raton, FL)
DMACDes Moines Art Center (est. 1948; Iowa)
DMACDonovan McNabb (professional football player)
DMACDisaster Management Area Coordinator (California)
DMACData Management and Communications
DMACDowntown Media Arts Center (Orlando, Florida)
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recommends that all consumers pay the highest attention to the quality of the products offered on the market, taking into account that, currently, almost all producers do not use the DMAC method (www.
During the design of this application, DMAC members determined which data items were needed, and the group provided oversight of a pilot project to test the procedures.
Within a small campus setting, DMAC students realize their potential in digital arts and develop the technical skills required to achieve a successful career.
We are excited to open the first McAlister's Deli restaurant in Pooler," said Dale Mulvey, owner of DMAC 81, LLC.
Will Boca Raton's best kept secret DMAC get the recognition it deserves?
29] studied the effect of different nonsolvents used in coagulation bath on morphology and performance of PC membrane using DMAC as solvent.
Solubility Polymer NMP DMF DMAC DMSO THF PAEK-CN-I + + + + + + + + + + Cured PAEK-CN-I - - - - - PAEK-CN-II + + + + + + + + + + Cured PAEK-CN-II - - - - - PAEK-CN-III + + + + + + + + + + Cured PAEK-CN-III - - - - - Solubility Polymer CHCl3 Acetone Toluene PAEK-CN-I + + - Cured PAEK-CN-I - - - PAEK-CN-II + + - Cured PAEK-CN-II - - - PAEK-CN-III + + - Cured PAEK-CN-III - - - + + : soluble in room temperature; +: soluble on heating; -, insoluble.
Each DMAC solution of PES (with the corresponding PEG) was stirred at 60[degrees]C for about 24 h until the solution became homogeneous.
The board consumes less than 7 W of power and incorporates up to 64 GB of NAND Flash memory in two independent banks with integrated DMAC.
1]H]-NMR in combination with DSC for the independent experiment involving the reaction between BTA and HQ in the solvent (NMP, DMAC, or DMF) at T over a period of 1 h.
5 ns (80MHz) Execution Time Memory ROM 512 Kilobyte (Flash memory) RAM 32 Kilobyte Communication Functions I2C function UART 3 channel (ch) Analog Functions 8/10-bit 4ch X 2 units A/D 10ch X 1 units Timer Functions Multi-function timer 2 units 16-bit reload timer 2ch 8/16-bit PPG timer 8 bit X 16ch(16 bit X 8ch) 16/32-bit base timer 16 bit X 4ch (32 bit 2ch) Watchdog timer 1ch External Interrupt Maximum 11 DMAC 5ch Product-sum Operation 1 Unit Circuits (32 bit X 32 bit + 72 bit = 72bit operation For operation results, possible to extract rounding to 32-bit) I/O Ports Maximum 77 Supply Voltage 4.
Recent Industry Activity II-25 CVC To Acquire Taminco II-25 Jiangshan to Reduce DMAC Production at Jiangshan Site II-25 MGC Plans to Construct Methanol Derivatives Complex II-25 Bayer Invests in Shanghai Plant II-25 Taminco Floats Joint Venture with JFC II-26 Spandex Production Utilizes Dimethylacetamide II-26