DMACSDistributed Manufacturing Automation & Control Software
DMACSDonor Management and Charity Services
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The DMACS package is a fully featured, completely integrated enterprise planning, execution, and control suite for a wide range of manufacturing and wholesale distribution industries.
According to Ellay, the DMACS ERP software improved efficiency by tying departments together in one easy-to-use database that tracks supplies and final products throughout the manufacturing process.
Our intent with FIX DMACS from the beginning was to support the same application on several platforms and operating systems with no adverse impact on the system or the user.
A powerful supervisory control and data acquisition package, FIX DMACS was the winner of the 1993 Sara Lee/PC Week Shootout, in which competing SCADA vendors were asked to interface to and control a dyeing operation.
Current FIX DMACS and InTouch users can add value to their applications by adding the layer of intelligent reasoning G2 provides.
Intellution won top prize for its animated, on-line "QuickStart" tutorial, a new feature in the FIX MMI and FIX DMACS v5.
s new SoftPIC (Software Partners in Control) program, based on the FIX DMACS software interface to the Moore APACS control system.
Intellution is a registered trademark and Cooperative Automation, FIX DMACS, and FIX are trademarks of Intellution Inc.