DMAGDigital Media Access Group (est. 1998; University of Dundee; UK)
DMAGDeputy's Management Action Group (US Air Force)
DMAGDistributed Multimedia Applications Group (Polytechnic University of Catalonia; Barcelona, Spain)
DMAGDepot Maintenance Activity Group
DMAGDefense Management Advisory Group
DMAGDysrégulations Métaboliques Acquises et Génétiques (French: Acquired Genetic and Metabolic Dysregulation)
DMAGDubuque Martial Arts Group (Iowa)
DMAGDerivative of Myelin-Associated Glycoprotein
DMAGData Modeling and Analysis Group
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These data record monthly accumulated costs in the DMAG by job order number.
We were able to use the data from H036A to duplicate the DMAG costs that AFMC reported in its FY 00 annual report.
Figure 1 breaks up FY 00 organic DMAG expenditures by materiel, operating overhead, direct civilian labor, and general and administrative for both programmed depot maintenance (Programmed) and component repair (Repair) work.
Materiel covers the costs of all DMAG purchases from the SMAG.
Direct civilian labor represents a distinct minority of organic DMAG expenditures.
Within organic DMAG expenditures, we looked at total repair costs, which are what the AFCAIG process emphasizes in its treatment of variable costs.
where Expend(t) is DMAG expenditures in month t in support of this mission design and FH(t-i) is total Air Force flying hours for this mission design in months prior to month t.
Linking DMAG Expenditures to Operating Command Flying Hours
When implemented, they will synergistically improve the financial performance of the DMAG and the Air Force as a whole.
Allow the SMAG and DMAG to be subdivided into work centers and track costs through and across the work centers.
Change the breakout in the DMAG and SMAG from activity groups to work centers and track costs for an entire work center.
Develop budgets using DMAG and SMAG actual rates from the year prior to budget development year, update rates the year prior to and in execution year based on actuals the years prior, and adjust associated using command O&M accounts to be able to purchase the same amount of goods and services as planned during the initial budget planning year.