DMANDeutsche Management Akademie Niedersachsen (German Management Academy of Lower Saxony)
DManDoctor of Management
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A number of procedures were put in place to manage operations during the runway closure, including use of Saab's DMAN solution by SFO stakeholders to dynamically manage flight departure times.
Built on the Aerobahn airport surface management platform, the Aerobahn DMAN provides airline and terminal operators with automated flight metering assignments based on airline schedules and departure rates as determined by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).
Saab's Aerobahn DMAN has proven that the system, when used in a collaborative, transparent operating environment like SFO or JFK, can increase efficiencies and reduce operating costs.
Now all stakeholders have to organise their own processes around the planned departure data generated by the darts4D DMAN.
Aerobahn DMAN has demonstrated significant benefits, validated by a third party, in day-to-day operational use at JFK by proactively managing departure queues to ensure runway throughput and reduced taxi times," said Ken Kaminski, general manager of Saab ATM.
Aerobahn DMAN has helped JFK reduce yearly fuel costs by $13 Million and CO2 emissions by 43,000 metric tons.
The DMAN sequences the departing traffic based on the aircraft wake vortex categories resulting in increased runway throughout for departing traffic (B1-70).
The DMAN system will provide an optimized pre departure sequence and deliver associated Target Startup Approval Times (TSATs) and Target Take Off Times (TTOTs) directly to Saab s Electronic Flight Strip system.
Saab s DMAN will be an essential part of the Airport Collaborative Decision Making program being implemented at Dublin airport, resulting in increased Air Traffic Flow Management-Slot (ATFM-Slot) adherence, decreased taxi-times, lower environmental impact, better runway throughput and increased collaboration said Anders Carp, head of Traffic Management, Saab.
Saab s DMAN is also fully compatible with the European departure management and A-CDM concepts and requirements and seamlessly integrates with Saab s Electronic Flight Strips.