DMANFDirect Marketing Association Nonprofit Federation
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The changes "clarify the legal responsibilities and prohibitions for charitable fundraising organizations and fundraising counsel and properly support the state's policies protecting donors and fostering charitable giving," said Senny Boone, DMANF general counsel and executive director.
4 billion last year," noted Christopher Quinn, executive director of the DMANF.
The DMANF is the premier association for nonprofit organizations that use direct marketing media such as mail, telephone, and the Internet to communicate with donors, members and the public.
By serving on the DMANF Advisory Council, Vinay can really help the sector become even more savvy about online marketing.
Beyond DMANF, Bhagat is a member of the Board of Trustees of the ePhilanthropy Foundation, the foremost organization devoted to fostering the secure, private and ethical use of the Internet for philanthropic purposes.
Bhagat regularly speaks with Convio customers on integrated marketing topics at DMANF conferences and other major industry events.
Brickmill provided us with the exact counsel we were looking for in order to create our new site quickly and efficiently," said Jill Murphy, Member Services Manager, DMANF.
The purpose of the study is we want to estimate the true value of the marketing solicitation," Malthouse said during a presentation of the study's findings at the DMANF conference, held at the Waldorf=Astoria Hotel.
Our Advisory Council provides guidance and direction for the organization for the benefit of the nonprofit organizations nationally that count on direct response fundraising," said DMANF Executive Director Senny Boone.