DMAP4-(dimethylamino) pyridine
DMAPDirect Matrix Abstraction Program (macro language of NASA Structural Analysis System)
DMAPDivision of Medical Assistance Programs
DMAPDeer Management Assistance Program
DMAPDowntown Multimodal Access Plan (Denver, CO, USA)
DMAPData Management and Analysis Plan
DMAPDiscrete-Time Markovian Arrival Process
DMAPDECT Multimedia Access Protocol
DMAPDigital MC&G (Mapping, Charting, & Geodesy) Analysis Program
DMAPDepot Maintenance Activation Planning
DMAPDirect Modulation Amplitude and Phase (type of polar signal modulation)
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Currently, DMAP contracts with 22 MCOs to provide medical, dental, and chemical dependency services to OHP enrollees throughout Oregon.
The permit can be used to harvest one antlerless deeron the specific DMAP area.
Geological Survey's Pennsylvania Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit will be studying DMAP locations in Bald Eagle, Rothrock and Susquehannock state forests.
Hunters are advised that they may take only antlerless deer in the early muzzleloader and special firearms seasons, and that they may hunt only in the WMU or DMAP areas for which they have obtained antlerless deer licenses.
If the change is given final approval at a subsequent Board meeting, beginning in the 2013-14 license year, adult mentors would be authorized to transfer one DMAP harvest permit issued to them to an eligible mentored youth.
The permit can be used to harvest one antlerless deer on the specific DMAP area.
Eligible lands for DMAP are: public lands; private lands where no fee is charged for hunting; and hunting club lands owned in fee title, so long as the club was established prior to Jan.
In Texas, we have about 9,300 properties and 23 million acres under wildlife management plans under our Managed Lands Deer Program, which is similar to DMAP (Deer Management Assistance) programs in other Southeast states.
75 of Legislative Decree 163/2006 and subsequent amendments as well as the DMAP 12.
The synthesis strategy (Figure 3) begins with the attachment of the CBz protecting groups at the 2' and 3'-positions of commercially available N-isobutyryl-5'-0-(4-dimethoxytrityl) guanosine, 1 The CBz protecting groups may be easily installed with excess benzylchloroformate and DMAP dissolved in DCM.
In general, DMAP allows higher doe harvests based on data collected annually by the landowner or hunters on private lands.
The study found that a 10-fold increase of DMAP metabolites (dimethylthiophosphate [DMTP] and dimethyldithiophosphate [DMDTP]), which corresponded to going from the 25th percentile to the 75th percentile in level of exposure, had a 55% to 72% increase in the odds of being diagnosed with ADHD.