DMARCDemarcation point (telephony; interface point between phone/telecommunications systems; usually between customer and provider)
DMARCDes Moines Area Religious Council (Des Moines, IA)
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Agari's rapid growth can be partially attributed to its leadership as a founding member of the DMARC Organization.
DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance) is a technical specification intended to standardise how email recipient systems authenticate incoming messages using the SPF and DKIM technologies.
DMARC, an effort supported by several large firms including AOL, Bank of America, Facebook, Fidelity Investments, and LinkedIn, was announced to great fanfare late last month, and attempts to curtail phishing by helping email receivers determine if a message aligns with what the receiver knows about the sender.
Phishing attacks are one of the most effective strategies used by hackers to penetrate unsuspecting user's computers, but through implementing our DMARC solution, hosting providers can immediately eradicate this threat," said Jonas Falck, North American CEO and co-founder, Halon.
By cementing trust between large email companies, DMARC hopes to slowly but surely drive spammers and phishing scammers away from their domains towards less convincing ones.
Agari, revolutionizing email security through its innovative cloud-based services, is celebrating the one-year anniversary of DMARC, an industry collaboration which increases email trust, by announcing unprecedented adoption of DMARC's new technical model by flagships of the US economy: the largest bank in the United States, the largest Internet Commerce payments processing firm, the most admired consumer electronics brand in the world, the three most popular social media sites and one of the world's largest shipping and logistics companies, among other corporations that value customer trust.
org, that the DMARC standard is giving top senders a new level of control in blocking potentially fraudulent messages from a majority of the world's mailboxes.
DMARC standardizes how email receivers perform authentication by using Sender Policy Framework (SPF) and DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM).
The growing success of DMARC shows how the industry is taking the lead on using effective authentication technologies to protect both end-users and customers," said Phillip Merrick, chief executive officer at Message Systems.
announced today it will host a new webinar to discuss how DMARC, a new standard for email authentication, can help organizations protect their messaging infrastructure as well as their corporate brand and reputation.
Many of our clients face challenges with business imperatives including email deliverability, implementing mobile services and maintaining compliance with standards such as DMARC.
On Thursday October 4th, OTA will be hosting the OTA Academy, three full-day workshops addressing key security and privacy issues impacting every online business: The Anti-Botnet Multi-Stakeholder Workshop; The Mobile App Security & Privacy Boot Camp; and the Email Authentication & DMARC Training Academy.