DMDADepressive Manic Depressive Association
DMDADepression and Mood Disorders Association (New South Wales, Australia)
DMDADynamic Model Driven Architecture (scientific computing)
DMDADynamic Motion Dance Academy (Arizona)
DMDADatabase of Mouse Developmental Anatomy
DMDADredged Material Disposal Area (various locations)
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There are more than 800 patient-run DMDA support groups nationwide.
Yet only one-third of group participants learned about their DMDA group from a mental health professional.
Polyethylene samples were obtained from commercial sources, as follows: high-density polyethylene (HDPE), Union Carbide DMDA 8940 ([M.
Much like the previous approvals set by the EU (Regulation-EC #1935/2004) for the monomer DMDA (CAS646-25-3) very low specific migration levels (SML) are required.
a) Comonomer(b) LDPE NA 202 Quantum Chemical 20 0 HDPE DMDA 8920 Union Carbide 20 0 EMA TC 130 Exxon Chemical 20 18 EEA DPDA 9169 Union Carbide 20 18 EBA NCPE 6417 Neste Chemical 20 17 (a) Grams/10 min at 190[degrees], ASTM D1238, 2.
It is called Spectrasolv DMDA or N,N Dimethyldecanamide (INCI name: dimethyl capramide).
HallStar's recent ingredient introductions in the personal care line include the following: Polycrylene, Spectrasolv DMDA, HallBrite BHB, HallGreen PS, HallGreen PCN and HallGel 305.
Spectrasolv DMDA exhibits antimicrobial activity toward the bacteria implicated in causing body odor, including C.
Spectrasolv DMDA INCI name: dimethyl capramide Use levels: 0.