DMDADepressive Manic Depressive Association
DMDADepression and Mood Disorders Association (New South Wales, Australia)
DMDADynamic Model Driven Architecture (scientific computing)
DMDADynamic Motion Dance Academy (Arizona)
DMDADatabase of Mouse Developmental Anatomy
DMDADredged Material Disposal Area (various locations)
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There are more than 800 patient-run DMDA support groups nationwide.
Yet only one-third of group participants learned about their DMDA group from a mental health professional.
Water 18 Propylene glycol 75 Sodium stearate 6 Spectrasolv DMDA 1 Procedure: Add first two ingredients to tank, mix and start heating to 80[degrees]C.
Our group supports the important work done by the Stanley Foundation, and we recognize its contributions to the field of mental health," said John Bush, President of National DMDA and Executive Director of the Texas Society of Psychiatric Physicians.
Contact: Gloria Pope of National DMDA, +1-312-988-1164, Alies Muskin of ADAA, +1-240-283-0236, Alan Berman of AAS, +1-202-237-2280, Patrick Cody of NMHA, +1-703-838-7528, or Patty Perkins-Doyle of OCF, +1-203-315-2190
For a free brochure, "Coping with Unexpected Events: Depression and Trauma," or for more information on depression or bipolar disorder, or the location of one of the 800 National DMDA support groups across the country and Canada, call 1-800-826-3632 or visit the National DMDA web site at http://www.
Founded in 1986 and headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, National DMDA is the nation's largest patient-directed, illness specific organization.
Spectrasolv DMDA exhibits antimicrobial activity toward the bacteria implicated in causing body odor, including C.
The widespread failure to diagnose bipolar disorder is an under-recognized public health problem that needs to be taken seriously," said Lydia Lewis, Executive Director, National DMDA.
Spectrasolv DMDA INCI name: dimethyl capramide Use levels: 0.
All monies raised from the auction will go to the National DMDA, (Depression & Manic Depression Association) so get your hearts and your wallets ready.