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DMDCDefense Manpower Data Center
DMDCDefense Management Data Center
DMDCDelayed Memory Dependence Checking (computing)
DMDCDroit Médical et Dommage Corporel (French: Bodily Injury and Medical Law)
DMDCDigital Media Data Center (Ascent Media Group)
DMDCDisk Memory Drive Controller
DMDCDigital Marketing & Design Consultancy Ltd. (UK)
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The DMDC numbers are not the official deployment count, the numbers that we provided -- the approximately 500 in Syria and approximately 5,000 in Iraq is the official deployment count," Manning said.
Our analysis is based on both healthcare administrative data from the SIDR housed by PASBA, and the Contingency Tracking System files capturing the US Army deployed Soldier population from DMDC.
From the Administrative dataset, DMDC created a stratified random sample of 46,566 active duty members who were administered a survey in October 2008 (Defense Manpower Data Center [DMDC] 2008, 2009).
Abbreviations: AIS = Abbreviated Injury Scale, CI = confidence interval, DEERS = Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System, DMDC = Defense Manpower Data Center, E code = external cause of injury code, EMED = Expeditionary Medical Encounter Database, ICD-9-CM = International Classification of Diseases-9th Revision-Clinical Modification, IED = improvised explosive device, ISS = Injury Severity Score, OR = odds ratio, TM = tympanic membrane.
Prior to the US IPO, the company's ordinary shares were listed only in Israel on the Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange, or the TASE, under the symbol DMDC.
Although DMDC has conducted some research to assess and monitor the effects of nonresponse bias in its Status of Forces surveys in the past, it lacks guidance specifying when and how additional analysis of the results of its Status of Forces surveys should be performed in order to determine the extent of differences between survey respondents and nonrespondents.
Defense Manpower Data Center, Status of Forces Survey of Active Duty Military, DMDC Report No 2005-004, Arlington, VA, 2005.
When the military services' and the 4th Estate's individual management information systems records were complied into the DMDC warehouse, there were often widespread errors.
In this section we summarize our main LSQ techniques recently introduced: Split-LQ, IMDC (Issue-time Memory Dependence Checking) and DMDC (Delayed Memory Dependence Checking).
Updated DMDC data and data collected by telephone indicated that 70 of the original 1,161 registry veterans were ineligible to participate in the follow-up study.
Stone said that public relations campaigns related to the project are ongoing or vet to be started, and that the Marines operate their own website to collect the data, rather than using a DMDC portal.
Data from the SPBS, DMDC, and SIDPERS can be fed into any number of systems, such as the GSORTS, JOPES, TC-AIMS II, or the Combined Forces Data Base, for use in deployment planning.