DMDPDnsix Message Delivery Protocol
DMDPDiagnostic Microbiology Development Program
DMDPDNSIX Message Delivery Protocol (Cisco)
DMDPDepartment of Manpower Development and Placement (Cebu City, Philippines)
DMDPDoctor Marten Dental Plan (song)
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The DMDP, which will be implemented by the Prime Minister s Office Regional Administration and Local Government (PMO-RALG), has three components.
En la los hallazgos anatomopatologicos a nivel pancreatico observados en la DMDP revelan un pancreas de pequeno tamano, los ductos son completamente permeables, de diametro normal.
If all areas of the DMDP have been satisfactorily completed, the trainee will assume the next available role as an assistant supervisor.
Once initiated, the DMDP will give SSS an economic, and efficient distribution channel for its content and the content of third party producers to reach the mass consumer market.
Other key technologies that are progressing commercially include: the non-invasive pre-natal diagnostic test; DMDP natural nematicide; influenza vaccine; OLED; ER-CMOS; X-MatchPRO(TM); and the lithium battery.