DMEADelta-Montrose Electric Association (Colorado)
DMEADepartment of Mineral and Energy Affairs (South Africa)
DMEADefense Minerals Exploration Administration
DMEADavid Moor Estate Agents (UK)
DMEAdimethyl ethanol amine
DMEADurable Medical Equipment Attachment
DMEADefect Mode and Effect Analysis
DMEADes Moines Education Association
DMEADamage Mode and Effects Analysis
DMEADelaware Music Educators Association
DMEADefense Micro-Electronics Activity
DMEADefense Microelectronics Agency
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Jeffcat TD-20 blend of 80% Jeffcat DMEA and 20% triethylenediamine for a range of rigid foams.
These contracts continue JMAR's long-standing relationships with GDAIS and the DMEA and underscore our unique role in improving the ARMS foundry, which is an important part of the DMEA operations," said Ronald A.
a new formal policy document, will be prepared by the DMEA.
The president of one small defense contractor told National Defense that he was surprised that DMEA could work so cheaply.
The DMEA is collaborating with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) on the program.
DMEA and TEOHA were less efficient than TEA, it maybe because DMEA and TEOHA had higher molecular weight, which meant less radicals would be generated when they had the same mass concentration.
EPA is concerned that some foundries may convert to DMEA to avoid the standards.
Table 1 shows comparative data between DMEA and TEA.
The target for the DEMA-2 drill hole was the down-rake extension of this mineralization approximately 280 to 300 feet below the DMEA 2 sulfide zone Sonneman level.
The Company is currently conducting a core drilling program on their patented claims at South Mountain to test the down dip extension of the significantly mineralized Texas and DMEA 2 ore zones that were encountered and mined in by historic underground workings.
It was designed to test the down dip extension of the DMEA 2 and peripheral high-grade mineralization encountered on both the Sonneman and Laxey mine levels.
A complete line of amine catalysts includes Coscat T-33 (triethylenediamine), Coscat DM-8 (dimethylcyclohexylamine) and Coscat DMEA.