DMELDerived Minimal Effect Level (chemical safety)
DMELDrosophila melanogaster (chromosome)
DMELDistance Measuring Equipment Collocated with Localizer
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DMEL was founded in 1995 with the mission of offering innovative memory solutions to companies requiring high-end system-on-chip products.
The choice the designer of the battery powered appliance has is whether to use the more costly SRAM or the lower power ULP-RAM(TM)," said Steve Ou, President of DMEL.
DMEL has deployed its technology to offer standard products such as a 2Mbit EDO DRAM in 1996, up to a 64Mbit SDRAM today.
This management training program is another step taken by DMEL towards improving the knowledge of prospective managers as well as upgrading competencies to ensure that Mercedes-Benz partners in the Middle East and Levant meet customer expectations with customer satisfaction as an ultimate goal.
Automotive retail management is a complex task that requires experience and a solid body of knowledge," said Ma'n Al-Hamawi, retail consultancy manager, DMEL.
To date, USB has not been utilized in any significant way in either the office or home even though virtually every PC manufactured in the past 3 years has included USB ports," said Paul Lubeck, director of Sales and Marketing at DMEL.
The USB power switch is really an over-current protection device for the PC motherboard", said Paul OuYang, CTO at DMEL.
DMEL is planning on releasing a device that supports four downstream ports later this year.
Today, DMEL offers embedded DRAM with speeds that compete with fast SRAM enabling greater density and higher performance embedded memory for system-on-a-chip designs," OuYang continued.
Both DMEL and TSMC have invested heavily in embedded DRAM.
By teaming up with IP providers like DMEL, we can deliver high performance, ready-to-use technology to our mutual customers," said Edward Chen, director of special technology marketing at TSMC.