DMFADe Multifunctionele Aangifte (Belgium)
DMFADanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs
DMFADan and Mab's Furry Adventures (webcomic)
DMFADepot Maintenance Float Allowance
DMFADutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs
DMFADesign for Manufacture and Assembly
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A nivel global, el Analisis Factorial Multiple Dual o DMFA (Grafico No 7) permite constatar que se registraron cambios poco significativos a nivel macro, al comparar el periodo 2014 en relacion con la campana 2011.
Proyeccion con DMFA de los cambios Fuente: elaboracion propia
It is worth mentioning that DMFA totally arrests platelet aggregation induced by ADP and collagen up to 5% concentration (vol/vol).
DMFA and the alcohols (methanol, ethanol) have lower dielectric constants than water, and the yields were lower in all these solvents than in aqueous buffer (Table 2).
The DMFA Marketer of the Year is awarded annually to an individual who has made significant contributions to the direct marketing fundraising industry.
In June of 1998, she helped create a direct mail package for the organization that won the Renewal Package of the Year Award from the DMFA.
These data demonstrate that treating both PE-2 and PE-3 with hot DMFA at [greater than]132-135 [degrees] C practically excludes crystallization.
Besides giving the attendees enough time to read the display boards the DMFA scanned each package with results for a wordbook people used as a tool for the voting.
The DMFA was sure about expanding the luncheon program to better reach more association members but they were pleasantly surprised by the early attendance figures.
The purpose of this project is to localize the user documentation of DMFAS software, which is in a maintenance phase, with regular updates to follow the updates of the software.
The new grant agreement will permit the DMFAS Programme to support DMF II activities counting: