DMFCDirect Methanol Fuel Cell
DMFCDes Moines Fencing Club (est. 1997; Des Moines, IA)
DMFCDel Monte Foods Company (San Francisco, CA)
DMFCDigital Mass Flow Controller (gas supply systems)
DMFCDraco Malfoy Fan Club
DMFCDean Martin Fan Center (Arcadia, CA)
DMFCDépôt de Munitions des Forces Canadiennes (French: Canadian Forces Ammunition Depot; Canada)
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Banerjee added that the innovative stack design and cathode catalyst technology developed at LANL and licensed by Oorja have the potential to overcome key stack-performance limitations and significantly reduce precious-metal content, both of which are critical for broader market penetration of DMFC technology.
The report, the Global DMFC market 2014-2018, has been prepared based on an in-depth market analysis with inputs from industry experts.
These key patents along with others pending make it possible to operate the chips without the need for fuel recirculation or water retrieval and pumping -- two issues that have complicated the development of DMFCs and made it difficult to reduce its size, MTI said.
The thumb-size DMFC is only 22 millimeters wide, 56 mm long and 4.
Toshiba plans to introduce commercial samples of the DMFC for small handheld electronic devices in 2005.
Methanol is flammable, he said, but his process is to dilute it by 50 percent with water That would make his DMFCs about as flammable as a martini, he said.
The DMFC program is a joint venture between Energy Visions Inc.
2] and summing horizontally, the DMFC function would be
We are very gratified that the Excellence in Technology Award from Frost & Sullivan recognizes the important advantages Mobion(R) offers for the entire DMFC industry," said Peng Lim, CEO of MTI Micro.
DMFC will account for 85% of the portable fuel cell market by the end of the forecast period.
His leadership of MTI Micro's systems engineering team enabled the Company to successfully achieve DMFC engineering and prototype delivery milestones over the past year.
Later in the day, the symposium will address the durability of membranes and catalysts via such sessions as "Performance Degradation of DMFC MEAs and Methods of Improving Their Longevity," "Understanding Carbon Corrosion in Electrocatalysts" and "Catalyst Stability and Its Impact on Stationary Stack Durability.