DMFCCDirect Methanol Fuel Cell Corporation
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The DMFCC is carried out by taking DWT,FFT, Filter Banks and DCT.
DMFCC is establishing a global network of partners to manufacture and distribute fuel cartridges," DMFCC chief executive Dr Carl Kukkonen said.
Miller has been serving as DMFCC vice president, Japan Business Development.
DMFCC expects the technology to earn a significant share in the portable power solutions market.
We now have licensed all of the Caltech technology on low-temperature direct fuel cells using methanol and other organic fuels such as formic acid," said VIASPACE and DMFCC chief executive officer Carl Kukkonen.
CDI heaters require a methanol fuel cartridge and we wanted to leverage the design and safety certification expertise that DMFCC has gained in developing methanol cartridges for the fuel cell industry," said CDI chief executive officer Cliff Welles.
VIASPACE expects the licenses will allow DMFCC to offer patent protection to fuel cell manufacturers and original equipment manufacturers that partner with the company.
According to VIASPACE, the DMFCC methanol cartridge holds 50 cubic centimeters of 100-percent methanol and is designed for a laptop computer and similar applications.
VIASPACE noted that DMFCC is concentrated on the production of methanol fuel cell cartridges that will power portable electronics such as laptops and cell phones.