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DMFSDistant Metastasis-Free Survival
DMFSDirector Military Family Services (Canada)
DMFSDes Moines Flying Service (aircraft dealer; est. 1939; Des Moines, IA)
DMFSData Migration File System
DMFSDelta Marsh Field Station (University of Manitoba; Canada)
DMFSDecayed/Missing/Filled Surface (dentistry)
DMFSDipole Magnet Flow Sorter
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In people 25 or older there is no association between long-term soda pop consumption and higher than expected DMFS.
1]) (mm) (mm) cultivar 2009/11 2009/11 2009/11 'Abbe Fetel' 1,50 ab 15,1 b 18,7 b 'Abbe Fetel' 1,38 c 19,5 a 27,6 a 'Rocha' 1,41 c 15,2 b 27,1 a 'Rocha' 1,53 a 14,5 bc 16,7 c 'Packham's 1,54 a 7,6 d 9,0 e Triumph' 'Santa Maria' 1,50 ab 12,6 c 15,1 d CV (%) 4,2 9,1 4,8 Combinacao PE - C MFCP DMFS (mm) (Kg) (kg) cultivar 2009/11 2009/11 2009/11 'Abbe Fetel' 12,4 a 1,35 c 0,137 a 'Abbe Fetel' 3,5 c 5,91 a 0,167 a 'Rocha' 2,2 c 1,71 b 0,082 b 'Rocha' 7,7 b 1,23 c 0,080 b 'Packham's 11,2 a 0,49 c 0,052 b Triumph' 'Santa Maria' 2,5 c 1,64 b 0,157 a CV (%) 24,9 25,9 7,9 * Medias seguidas pela mesma letra na coluna nao diferem estatisticamente entre si pelo teste de Duncan a 5% de probabilidade de erro.
DMFT and DMFS describe the amount-prevalence--of dental caries in permanent dentition.
The distribution of caries was highly skewed, with at least half of the subjects having DMFS or dfs = 0 (see "Results").
DMFS in US children with and without life-long exposure to water fluoridation.
5 DMFS occurred each year among children living in fluoride-deficient communities.
The accuracy of the test results remained true for both DMFS and overall survival, regardless of whether participants had node-negative or node-positive cancer.
7) Several of the authors used tooth loss, decayed, missing and filled (DMF), DMFS and/or DMFT as the dependent variable, (4-9) which is problematic because the point in time when tooth loss or decay occurred cannot be established.
Dental anxiety, utilisation of dental services, and DMFS status in Norwegian military recruits.
Both groups (n=231) initially received a dental examination including radiographs and DMFS to confirm presence of 1 to 7 active caries lesions as well as a salivary assay analysis for salivary MS, LB and fluoride level to determine caries risk status (low/high).