DMGODimethylglycine Oxidase
DMGODebt Management Group of Ontario (Canada)
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The industry's rapid transition to all digital programming and on-demand services means an evolution and growth in advertising and promotional capabilities is vital, which is precisely why we created DMGO technology," said Fabrice Quinard, vice president, Terayon digital video solutions.
Terayon's innovative DMGO technology seamlessly composites standard definition (SD) and high definition (HD) video with the output from character generator (CG) systems that support the industry standard Serial Digital Interface (SDI) video transport format for uncompressed video, and inserts overlays in real time directly into compressed MPEG video streams.
The combination of Terayon's DMGO technology and our industry-leading Oxtel series channel branding products will help broadcasters use those capabilities to expand their branding and explore lucrative new advertising opportunities.