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DMPDebt Management Plan
DMPDossier Médical Personnel (France)
DMPDebt Management Program
DMPDigital Monitoring Products (alarm panel manufacturer)
DMPDhaka Metropolitan Police (Bangladesh)
DMPDot Matrix Printer
DMPDecision Making Process (marketing)
DMPDossier Médical Partagé (French: Shared Medical Record)
DMPDesignated Mailer Protocol
DMPDisease Management Program
DMPDigital Media Project
DMPData Management Plan
DMPDigital Mp3 Player
DMPDisaster Management Plan
DMPDigital Music Products
DMPDess-Martin Periodinane (reagent)
DMPDouble Match Point (backgammon)
DMPDepot Modernization Period (US Navy)
DMPDeclarative Meta-Programming
DMPDesert Margins Program
DMPDirty Mo Posse
DMPDisaster Management Program
DMPDockside Monitoring Program
DMPDigital Matte Painting (artwork)
DMPDoctor of Podiatric Medicine
DMPDirect Material Productivity
DMPDynamic Multiple Parity (disk array)
DMPData Management Processor
DMPDetection Monitoring Program
DMPDomestic Monitoring Program
DMPDoug Means Project (band)
DMPDouble Meat Palace (fictional restaurant; Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV series)
DMPDisaster Mitigation Preparedness
DMPDocument Merge Processing
DMPDuelmasterp (EverythingX, gaming)
DMPDesign Master Plan
DMPDatabase Management Processor
DMPDeployment and Maintenance Platform
DMPDepot Maintenance Period
DMPDocument Management Plan (UK MoD)
DMPDaily Maintenance Pack
DMPDownlink Measurement Protocol
DMPDistributed Multimedia Plays (television)
DMPDecision Making Person
DMPDesignated Medical Practioner (Canadian doctor who examines immigrants)
DMPDon Meier Productions
DMPDominant Movement Pattern (gymnastics)
DMPDepot Maintenance Program
DMPDirector, Military Programs
DMPDouble Movable Pulley
DMPDisk-storage Management Program
DMPDeparture Metering Program (US FAA)
DMPDynamic Multi-Pathing
DMPDigital Media Production
DMPDowntown Master Plan (various locations)
DMPDevelopment Master Plan (various organizations)
DMPDispositif et Moyen Particulier (French: Private Means Devices; energy industry)
DMPDual Masters Program (various schools)
DMPDry Matter Production
DMPDual Music Player
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A DMP is not legally binding, meaning you are not tied in for a minimum period and can cancel it at any time.
To know more about dJAX DMP Manager, check out the following website:
The temperature is raised to 50[degrees]C and DMP (0.
The Cxense DMP employs a three-pronged approach--aggregate, segment, and action--all in real time: Aggregate: According to Pedersen, the Cxense DMP understands what types of data are most valuable to collect and instantly secures them from multiple sources such as websites and applications, content management systems, subscription data, analytics systems and third-party data.
We have certainly moved on and I don't think we could ever play anywhere near as bad as we did that day and, dare I say it, if you look at results you have to ask if DMP have played anywhere near as well since.
En la figura 3, que corresponde a la gamma (2,2), se observa que a medida que aumenta el tamano de la muestra la DMP disminuye, pero a partir del tamano de muestra 150 la DMP tiende a estabilizarse.
DMP applies Scientific Molding principles to its thermoset molding process to maintain consistency and repeatability.
The EP approval is expected during the coming week, but has been impacted and delayed by the newly introduced WA environment legislation (which became law early in September 2012) which introduces a number of new requirements relating to the listing on the public DMP website of mud and additives properties, and potentially proprietary commercial formulae, with OBL seeking the approval of the mud company (Supplier) for this disclosure.
Tourism operators are invited to the Anglesey Tourism Forum on Thursday May 17, which provides a chance for all involved with tourism to get together to learn more about the DMP process and how people can work together and be a part of the Destination Anglesey Partnership Board.
Most creditors will re-age past due accounts after 90 days of on-time payments through a DMP, improving credit by removing the late payment status on the accounts.
The founding partners of DMP are Thomas E Karam, president/CEO, and Michael J.