DMPDDirector of Membership Programs Development
DMPDDes Moines Police Department (Iowa)
DMPDDigital Millenium Planet Daddies (electronica experiment by James Daniels)
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91%, whereas they showed no or mild scavenging effect against DMPD radical (0.
There is no question about including TMP and DMPD in the hard segment, but DA is a special case.
The TMP-DA and the DMPD modified materials, both of which are difunctional on the average, have identical densities for a given hard segment concentration within the experimental accuracy.
g] over the DMPD samples of the same hard segment concentration.
Sample 22, which contained an equimolar mix of DMPD and TMP, had a [T.
g] values slightly lower than the corresponding values from the DMPD curve.
Within the accuracy of the experimental measurements, there was no significant change in Go for either the TMP-DA series or the DMPD series.
The DMPD modified samples compare quite closely with the TMP-DA samples up to a hard segment concentration of about 40%.
Above this level, the DMPD samples had the highest [f.
Values of the peak heights for the TMP-DA and DMPD samples are approximately 1.