DMR2Differentially Methylated Region 2
DMR2Detailed Mission Requirements Issue #2
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DMR2 will also talk about: taking a journey with the soul of Mother Mary to see how her cosmic understanding of the immaculate concept ensured that the mission of Jesus would be victorious; learning how to hold the immaculate concept for themselves and others and bring wholeness, abundance, love and perfection into their lives and world; studying the mystery of surrender, and how it brings freedom and opens the way for the return of the Divine Mother; and entering into the flow of love of the Buddha and the Divine Mother.
Carla Healy, an international lecturer from The Summit Lighthouse who conducted the first DMR in the Philippines in 2012, will again facilitate DMR2.
Similar to TSLPhilippines' previous international events, DMR2 will be a threeday retreat starting in the afternoon of Feb.