DMTGDroits de Mutation à Titre Gratuit (French: Inheritance Tax Law)
DMTGDesign and Modeling Task Group
DMTGDanish Model Task Group (formerly Big Gun Warship Combat Denmark)
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By combining their efforts, both Hennig and DMTG will have a much stronger presence in China than either of them could create alone, it is reasoned.
3/12/07), DMTG NA in addition to building its own staff has been using the facilities and personnel of Ingersoll Production Systems to assist it in importing and configuring Chinese-built machines for American customers.
continues to offer from its inventory new machine tools that bear the DMTG logo, but its Web site refers to generic models.
For Dalian's European market, DMTG is building on long-standing relationships.
Parent firm DMTG, he says, is anticipating a new policy in its home country that will pen-nit duty-free imports into China by any company owned by a Chinese firm.
Apparently the results were deemed promising, since Dalian Machine Tool Group is now in the process of launching a direct subsidiary, DMTG North America, in the offices of Ingersoll Production Systems (IPS).
Operationally, DMTG North America will report to the president of Ingersoll Production Systems, who in turn is responsible directly to chairman Chen.
When it is up and running, DMTG North America will offer the entire product line of Dalian machines (universal lathes, CNC lathes and turning centers, CNC milling machines, and vertical-and, later, horizontal-spindle machining centers).
As the Chinese automotive industry developed, DMTG expanded its own production into specialty machine tools, including transfer machines.