DMTPDifferentiated Mail Transfer Protocol
DMTPDistribution Matériel Travaux et Pompage (French: Construction and Pumping Equipment Distribution)
DMTPDisaster Management Training Programme (United Nations Development Program and Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs)
DMTPDelayed Matching to Position Task (behavioral science)
DMTPDietary Management
DMTPDelayed Match-To-Place
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We assume factor of generalization influences critical thinking and we also believe that individual tasks of DMTP test are very demanding in terms of critical thinking.
The model used to calculate this result showed that for many of the pesticides that could lead to DMTP, the quantities found were sufficient to suggest that children consuming an organic diet would have a greatly reduced risk of exceeding EPA-determined exposure levels.
Concentrations were summed to obtain overall concentrations of diethylphosphate metabolites (DE; sum of DEP, DETP, and DEDTP), dimethylphosphate metabolites (DM; sum of DMP, DMTP, and DMDTP), and all six nonspecific dialkylphosphate metabolites.
However, dimethyl metabolites were measured in higher concentrations than the diethyl compounds at the 95th percentiles of the distributions, with DMP and DMTP present at the highest concentrations (87.
It is also worth noting that studies on PON1 have focused on pesticides such as chlorpyrifos, diazinon, and parathion, which metabolize into DEP and DETP, whereas other OPs such as malathion, azinphos methyl, and dimethoate metabolize into DMP and DMTP (Maroni et al.
26 Organophosphate n = 74 insecticide metabolites [urine ([mu]g/L)] DMTP 0.
Within both the adult and the child urine samples, there were statistically significant high positive correlations between the dimethyl metabolite concentrations, particularly for DMTP and DMDTP concentrations.
Higher DMTP levels were found 1997 in applicator children living < 200 ft from an orchard than in nonproximal applicator children Lu et al.
Therefore, for urine samples, molar equivalent concentrations of the DMTP and DMDTP metabolites were summed to create a measure of thiomethyl DAP concentration.
In addition, we calculated each participant's ratio of DEP to DETP + DEDTP and DMP to DMTP + DMDTP metabolites at the three urine collection time points and then calculated the mean and median of these ratios.
Median DMTP concentrations for Seattle children and farmworker children did not differ significantly (6.