DMTSDelayed Matching to Sample (short term memory assessment)
DMTSDistinguished Member of Technical Staff
DMTSDigital Media Training Series
DMTSDryden Municipal Telephone System (Dryden, Ontario, Canada)
DMTSDistinguished Member of the Technical Staff
DMTSDynamic Media Transport System
DMTSDigital Maintenance Test Set
DMTSData Management and Tracking System
DMTSDefense Message Transfer System
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DMTS tasks have been used to study memory in animals and humans (e.
The results demonstrated that when observing responses occurred through prompting, the individuals performed better on the DMTS and both elements exerted stimulus control.
Part of the proposed transaction offers an innovative solution that will benefit all members of the DMTS pension scheme, which currently has a deficit.
Deploying the ARRIS Q5 DMTS will allow cable operators to lower capital costs and protect their investment by leveraging existing IP transport and switching resources at headends and hubs.
Moreover, if DMTS training produces stronger transfer of meaning than SMTS, would training for class reorganization with DMTS also bring about a larger change in stimulus meaning than training with SMTS?
The purpose of the current experiment was twofold: (a) to determine whether beginning with identity MTS tasks would hinder correct responding on subsequent arbitrary MTS tasks and (b) to determine whether using 0-s DMTS versus SMTS would yield different results.
As has been argued by Amtzen (2006), the DMTS procedure encourages the emergence of mediating behavior that bridges the gap between sample offset and comparison onset and leads to the more likely selection of the correct comparisons in DMTS trials.
The majority of non-corresponding self-reports occurred after incorrect DMTS responses, which were reported as correct (Critchfield and Perone 1993).
Although most research within stimulus equivalence has been conducted with SMTS, more recently some researchers have studied equivalence class formation using DMTS procedures.
In recent years SCAN has offered the program to other community groups, including the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Scottsdale, Brookline College of Allied Health, Arcadia Neighborhood Learning Center and DMTS Transportation.
A prototypical DMTS procedure involves presenting one of a number of sample stimuli (e.