DMTSDelayed Matching to Sample (short term memory assessment)
DMTSDistinguished Member of Technical Staff
DMTSDigital Media Training Series
DMTSDryden Municipal Telephone System (Dryden, Ontario, Canada)
DMTSDistinguished Member of the Technical Staff
DMTSDependable Medical Transport Service (Arizona)
DMTSDynamic Media Transport System
DMTSDigital Maintenance Test Set
DMTSData Management and Tracking System
DMTSDefense Message Transfer System
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La DMTS, junto con el INVIMA y el IETS, establecera categorias de prioridad de cobertura de los UNIR.
DMTS tasks have been used to study memory in animals and humans (e.
The results demonstrated that when observing responses occurred through prompting, the individuals performed better on the DMTS and both elements exerted stimulus control.
Part of the proposed transaction offers an innovative solution that will benefit all members of the DMTS pension scheme, which currently has a deficit.
Deploying the ARRIS Q5 DMTS will allow cable operators to lower capital costs and protect their investment by leveraging existing IP transport and switching resources at headends and hubs.
Therefore, this study compared a group of children trained with DMTS with another trained with SMTS.
The first barge typically arrives at the DMTS port in late June or early July, carrying a load of diesel for the mine.
In January, DMTS received Industry Canada approval for operate a GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) allowing subscribers to have North American coverage by the end of this year.
induction of meaning from faces to nonsense words) in equivalence classes generated by DMTS and SMTS.
A DMTS task is a variation of the MTS task in which the presentations of the sample stimulus and comparison stimuli are separated in time by a delay interval.
Future studies should combine DMTS and overtraining in order to increase the magnitude of the effect, especially for relations of opposition.