DMTUDry Metric Ton Unit
DMTUDefault Maximum Transmission Unit
DMTUDelco-Manning Trout Unlimited (Trout Unlimited Organization)
DMTUDigital Magnetic Tape Unit
DMTUDockside Mobile Test Unit
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Pre-/co-incubation with ABT (10 mM) or DMTU (20 mM) abrogated the DG-induced ROS production in H9c2 cardiomyocytes, with ABT producing a greater inhibitory effect than that of DMTU (Fig.
To investigate the involvement of CYP and ROS in DG-induced ERK activation, the effects of ABT and DMTU on ERK 1/2 activation were examined in DG-treated H9c2 cardiomyocytes.
To confirm the involvement of CYP and ROS in the activation of PKC[epsilon], the effects of ABT and DMTU on DG-induced PKC[epsilon] translocation were examined.
Probably the most effective solution is use of higher molecular weight molecules, such as DMTU, DETU, DBTU and the aromatic derivatives DPDU and DOTTU, which is the basis of this work in butyl rubber.
Compared to DMTU and DETU, DBTU has shown the lowest activation energy and highest cure rate index (C.