DMYDay Month Year
DMYDry Matter Yield (agriculture)
DMYDaily Milk Yield (agriculture)
DMYDon't Mess Yourself (Simpsons)
DMYDelighted to Meet You
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Significant correlation coefficients for the clones IPA and OEM were obtained of the production variables (IPA: DMY, DMC and CFB; OEM: DMY, DMC, CFB and CDB) with plant morphology (IPA: PW, NC2 and NC3; OEM: PW, NC1 and NC2) and cladode morphology (IPA: CL2, CTB, CT3 and CP2; OEM: CLB, CL1, CW1, CTB, CT2 and CAB).
Repeatability coefficients for DMY were low to moderate in magnitude and higher for Exp.
Cortisol, DMY and MDA were positively correlated with each other and negative with progesterone and PPDs.
01) correlated with tillers plant-1, leaves plant-1, stem girth, LSR, N, P, K, Fe, CP, RFV, RFQ, GHY, DMY and CPY but significantly and negatively correlated with Cu and Mn content of plant.
The DMY (kg/ha) of the whole plant resembled a crescent sigmoid-shaped pattern after a visual appraisal; an evidence for that was the cubic trend observed in Table 1.
There was no significant difference in DMY of columns treated with K0, K1, or K2 (2.
The group, consisting of researchers from the National Institute for Basic Biology and several universities, including Niigata University, at first analyzed an embryo of a medaka fish with a Y chromosome, which usually leads to male sex, and found that a gene, named DMY, functioned during sexual differentiation.
Forage-N content was determined by near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS), and FNU was calculated by multiplying DMY by forage-N content.
Maximum DMY at higher N dose (120 kg ha-1), those increased to 58-61% with lower N application (60 kg ha-1).
The utilisation rate was then calculated by dividing the calculated intake for potential, top, and average farmers by the averaged DMY as simulated by APSIM.
MS Effect DF FMY DMY DEY PH NL SD Crosses (C) 29 ** ** ** ** ** ** GCA 5 ** ** ** ** ** ** SCA 9 ** ns * ns ns ns Reciprocal 15 ns ns ns ns ns ns Seasons (S) 1 ** ** ** ** ns ** C x S 29 ns ns ns ns * ns GCA x S 5 ns ns ns ns ** ns SCA x S 9 ns ns ns ns ns ns Reciprocal x S 15 ns ns ns ns ns ns Error 116 [R.