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DMusDoctor of Music (degree)
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These models have not considered the slacks, which are effective to put forward efficiency improvements for DMUs.
18] PETC can be reflected in the variable-scale remuneration assumptions under the DMUs technical level and can play an important role.
Considering information from the whole market, Table 1 presents the descriptive statistics for DMUs that make up group 1 and group 2, respectively.
Alem disso, salienta-se que se deve cuidar quanto a quantidade de inputs e outputs, em razao de que um grande numero de fatores implica um baixo nivel de discriminacao, portanto, recomenda-se que as DMUs devem ser no minimo iguais ao dobro da multiplicacao de inputs e outputs (Fitzsimmons & Fitzsimmons, 2005), fator que leva a justificar o uso dos estados para se estudar as regioes e nao somente cada regiao de maneira isolada.
However, as we mentioned beforehand, a flaw of traditional DEA models is that they aim at maximizing input and output slacks, finding targets and peers that are not the closest to the DMUs being assessed.
Na secao 4 e apresentada a metodologia DEA, o conceito de DMUs artificiais, medida Omega e o indice de Malmquist e na secao 5 os resultados da modelagem proposta sao apresentados e discutidos.
There is the possibility of no homogeneity in the results, nevertheless the DMUs are not classified into homogeneous groups due to by grouping, the sample size can be reduced and consequently the discriminatory power of the models will be diminished.
However, the number of DMUs relative to the number of input and output performance measures must be large enough to obtain meaningful efficiency estimates.
With regard to DEA efficiency, for five DMUs (Yingkou, Tianjin, Rizhao, Qingdao, and Yantai ports), [[theta].
Estimating efficiency of DMUs with a single specification and from full dataset will not reveal that how a particular DMU has achieved efficiency?
Dentro del analisis envolvente de datos es comun que mas de una DMU del total de DMUs analizadas se ubique en la frontera de produccion, es decir, que su eficiencia relativa sea igual a la unidad.
1978), is a mathematical programming based approach used to evaluate the performance of a group of homogeneous DMUs.