DNAIDirect Network Access, Inc. (California)
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Competitive Landscape Source: Wavepath Marketing Department telephone survey week of 12/7/98 Company DSL Speed Price Per Month Pacific Bell sDSL 384K $159/month Best sDSL 416K $325/month Brainstorm sDSL 384K $200/month Concentric sDSL 384K $199/month DNAI sDSL 384K $179/month SlipNet sDSL 384K $199/month Average price per month: $210
At this stage, the DNAis packaged into structures known as pronuclei.
The father-of-two claims he is one of a million innocent people whose DNAis being held by the state without permission and despite no law being passed by Parliament to allow such information to be held.
Although, unlike the scientist Bruce Banner, played in this version by Edward Norton, she has never been exposed to gamma rays that transform her into a raging monster, Liv's DNAis still pretty extraordinary.