DNAPDoes Not Affect Play (vinyl records)
DNAPDivision of Natural Areas and Preserves
DNAPDiplôme National d'Arts Plastiques (French: Visual Arts National Diploma)
DNAPDNAPrint Genomics, Inc. (stock symbol)
DNAPDoctor of Nurse Anesthesia Practice
DNAPDoctorate of Nurse Anesthesia Practice
DNAPDeoxyribonucleic Acid polymerase (enzyme responsible for DNA replication
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With the acquisition of Breathe, the company intends to spin-off these shares to the DNAP shareholders to concentrate exclusively on the operations of Breathe.
DNAP records for short-term herbicide effectiveness were available for Glypro[R] treatments from 2001 to 2006 and for AquaNeat[R] and Habitat[R] treatments in 2007.
According to Scott Thenell, director of regulatory affairs for DNAP, there was an experiment, begun and finished four years ago, that involved an attempt to insert a flounder gene into a tomato to increase the fruit's frost-tolerance.
Today, there are just seven major developers: AgrEvo (Hoechst/Schering), DNAP Holding Corporation (ELM), DuPont/Pioneer, Monsanto, Mycogen (Dow), Novartis, and Zeneca.
DNAP developed this variety with licensed technology invented and patented by ARS plant physiologist Athanasios Theologis and colleagues at the Plant Gene Expression Center.
DNAP first generation tomatoes come from a technique combining cell culture and traditional breeding.
DNAP researchers have concentrated on tomato improvement via somaclonal variation, although they also are applying the technique to carrots, celery, peppers and rice.
DNAP and USFWS will use these data to help protect and manage Ohio's cave ecosystems.
But DNAP is the first to market a gene-engineered tomato that's derived from the Albany work.
In the same vein, DNAP is using somaclonal variation to create the celery that are crunchier, milder and sweeter.
Tom Keaveny, executive vice-president and managing director of DNAP, said: "With the launch of TLC in the region, we believe that we have a perfect complement to our flagship factual network Discovery Channel and expect to build a strong second flag-ship lifestyle brand that will offer our affiliates and advertising partners two quality networks to target both men and women, allowing them to reach Asia-Pacific audience.