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DNARDo Not Attempt Resuscitation
DNARDistricts Not Assigned to a Region (Toastmasters International)
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6) written and verbal DNAR requests passed EMS Commission and Medical Council review.
Under the 25% scenario, the weighted average DNAR would increase to 1.
Rationales (largely rationalizations) include: (a) belief that the patient would want his/her DNAR preference overridden (because of greater chance of successful resuscitation without neurologic damage when the arrest occurs during dialysis and is promptly witnessed), (b) fear that other patients would be emotionally devastated witnessing a death without an attempt at resuscitation, (c) alleged inconsistency between intermittent dialysis to prolong life (prevent death) and a DNAR request (to allow death) that was a common argument in the past for suspending DNAR orders during surgery and anesthesia since they are the epitome of "resuscitation," (d) the lack of a secluded area in the dialysis unit to harbor a corpse, and--I believe--(e) tear of liability for a death on dialysis.
The type rule for the narrow construct is provided by the DNAR rule in Figure 5.
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The DNAR study was conducted in collaboration with investigators from the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, both in Boston.
Revised guidance and processes have been put in place to ensure appropriate documentation for DNAR.
Furthermore, a pacemaker is more like an implantable defibrillator than any other medical device, and turning that off should be as acceptable as signing a DNR (or a DNAR, Do Not Attempt Resuscitation) order since they are functionally and ethically isomorphic.
The addition of Brian and Stella to the DNAR management team greatly bolsters our capabilities and depth as a company in operations and clinical development," said Daniel Paterson, president and CEO of DNAR, Inc.
DNAR will utilize the genetic variant of the NQO1 enzyme - called NQO1*2 - to create novel diagnostic tests for personalized medicine applications and patient care.