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DNARDo Not Attempt Resuscitation
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6) written and verbal DNAR requests passed EMS Commission and Medical Council review.
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The DNAR study was conducted in collaboration with investigators from the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, both in Boston.
Furthermore, a pacemaker is more like an implantable defibrillator than any other medical device, and turning that off should be as acceptable as signing a DNR (or a DNAR, Do Not Attempt Resuscitation) order since they are functionally and ethically isomorphic.
The addition of Brian and Stella to the DNAR management team greatly bolsters our capabilities and depth as a company in operations and clinical development," said Daniel Paterson, president and CEO of DNAR, Inc.
DNAR will utilize the genetic variant of the NQO1 enzyme - called NQO1*2 - to create novel diagnostic tests for personalized medicine applications and patient care.