DNDCDespacho Nacional de Cargas (Spanish: National Load Dispatch)
DNDCDon't Know, Don't Care
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Thus, the combined investigation of biological processes (considered extensively in models such as DNDC and ExpertN with the exclusion of dynamics of metal cations) and geochemical processes (considered in models such as PHREEQC2 and Minteq where nitrification is not yet sufficiently considered) should receive more attention in research if the aim is to advance the knowledge of nutrient dynamics and the prediction of long-term effects of N fertilisation on base cation availability.
2]O simulation models, such as DNDC (Li 2000), FASSET (Chatskikh et al.
Tonitto C, David MB, Li CS, Drinkwater LE (2007) Application of the DNDC model to tile-drained Illinois agroecosystems: model comparison of conventional and diversified rotations.
Evaluation of N2O emissions by DNDC model for sandy loam soils of danubian lowland, Journal of Environmental Engineering and Landscape Management 14(4): 165-173.
By running the biogeochemical model DNDC with databases of climate and agricultural managements, Li et al.
2003a) estimated a loss of SOC in Chinese croplands by running their DNDC model.
2]O production might occur within soil microsites, as , for example, considered in the process-based DNDC (Denitrification Decomposition) model (Li et al.
2]O Emisiju is priesmelio dirvozemiu Dunojaus zemumoje ivertinimas taikant DNDC modeli, Journal of Environmental Engineering and Landscape Management 14(4): 165-173.
Some of the models simulate the dynamics of the microbes that are responsible for soil nitrification and denitrification, such as a process-based model, DNDC (Denitrification and Decomposition; Li et al.